Julie Day

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True Facts About Me

Reading in Class


I never read out in class because I got too nervous. On one occassion I did ask the teacher to read my story for me. I never acted it out like Billy does, but when I was older I did impersonate the Prime Minister at the time, the late Margaret Thatcher. I can't do that now.




The incident at the start of Charlie, where he is sitting on the cupboard and faints on to the floor, did happen to me. I actually fell in between the sink and the oven, I think it was, which was a narrow space. So I fell into an awkward position. Also, when I faint, I went stiff and am hard to move.


Heart and PE


Like Susie I have a hole in the heart and hated PE as I was always one of the last to be picked. I too hated the horse and the climbing frame as I hate heights.




Noise didn't bother me too much at school, except one thing: the school fire alarm. It made my heart jump when it rang out. The sound of one still makes my heart jump.




Like Alistair I bit my fingernails down, quite badly. I did this up until just before my 21st, when I got v busy at work. I also think that I must have got used to the people and the work so didn't get so anxious.