Julie Day

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Review of 'One Good Turn' by Debbie Young of Alliance of Independent Authors


A sweet little tale of a woman who goes to heaven and discovers it to be very similar to earth - except it offers you the chance to make up for mistakes made when mortal and to continue to help both those who have died and those you have left behind. I love the idea of the gates to heaven being guarded by "The Boss's Head of Security" and the cartwheeling guardian angel who helps new arrival Geraldine get to grips with the system. I also liked the colour-changing auras of the characters as they went discoveries and transformations. Heartwarming, amusing and with a gentle message to make the most of what you have while you're on earth. I'm looking forward to seeing how Geraldine fares in the sequel. Recommended.


Comments about 'Billy and the Sparkling Socks'


On the retreat I bought Julie Day's book for my friend's daughter, who struggles with literacy and has autism. She was so pleased by the book and so encouraged to learn about Julie and her Asperger's Writing. It's lovely to see a book making such a difference. -She even took it to her support group in school to show other the other kids. Thank you, Julie x